Sunday, March 18, 2018

tball overload

We have been very busy with tball lately and enjoying watching Easton this season. He has improved so much since last season, being the older kid this year and gaining some confidence. He is playing 3rd base and has 11 home runs so far. 

We also finished basketball season. It was a great year and Easton finished with 50 points overall! Again, the big kid this year, so we are soaking that up because next year he will be the little kid in basketball and moving up to coach pitch. 

 Feeding the turtles ♥ 
 Easton's Kindergarten class picture :)

The kids did spring pictures yesterday, and this is our preview. love love love! Emerson's face in the top left is killing me. She was not so fond of Chloe the goat. :)
It is officially spring break and I am so excited to leave Wednesday for vacation! woo hoo

Friday, March 2, 2018

from winter to spring

Ahhh spring is in the air here! The countdown to spring break is on, vacations coming up, birthdays, our anniversary...I love this time of year. This past month was pretty busy with our daily routine, but overall a smooth and really good month for our family. To kick things off, here is a story from sweet Emmy ♥ 
We went to the home depot workshop at the start of the month. I love that they can now do more and more things together now that Emerson is getting older. It's so fun!

When I returned from my work trip, Drake went to have his quarterly meeting for his job, and we were blessed for his amazing 2017 with the company. So proud of Drake! 
During the weeks, we have our routine of school, work, going to the gym, and Easton is now in the end of basketball season and the beginning of t-ball, so we stay busy with that. 
Drake and Emerson had their first daddy/daughter date at Chick Fil A for Valentines day. 

Easton had a play date with Kinlee and gave her a Valentine. They are such sweet friends. 

Play doh!
My work is going awesome! I love my job and am so thankful that God gave me this opportunity. At the office 2 days with co-workers I really like and home for 3, it's awesome!
The last couple weeks the weather has been great! We have enjoyed our weekends getting out and about. 

and playing at home :) 

I am so in love with this video. Easton didn't know Emerson was going to be with me at pick up last week. I love their bond! ♥ 
Last weekend I took my mom to the beach for (a very delayed) Christmas present. It was such a great day. We painted on the beach, ate lunch outside, and then got manis and pedis together. I am lucky to spend a lot of time with my parents, but it has been forever since we did something one on one, so it was really nice. 

Ballpark baby :) 
Easton's season is off to a good start! Opening day is tomorrow. I am so happy that he is enjoying it this year. Here is his 1st ever home run in their practice game the other night...

Playing at the park after school...
Wacky Wednesday. He is getting so big! 
Happy Friday!!