Monday, September 25, 2017

birthday, beach, baseball and other updates :)

Hey! How is it already Fall?? Life is good, and time is flying. So jump back to a couple weeks ago...we ended up at the doctor, just a few days of fever, but I wanted to make sure we didn't need meds because we had a big birthday weekend ahead! :) 

Can you guess who was actually sick and who just HAS to do everything the other person does?! These two continue to get closer and have even more fun the older Emerson gets and it is so fun to watch. 
Easton is off to such a great start in Kindergarten! On green everyday, reading his sight words, making 100s on all of his tests so far. I am so proud of him. Most of all, he seems to really be enjoying it and making some good friends. 
We made it to the home depot workshop and I thought I would get Emerson a project too, knowing she would like the painting part. I felt silly asking for a kit for her since she is so little, but they busted out the apron and Emerson did not move from her bucket and had a big smile hammering and painting. I am excited they can both enjoy the workshops from now on! In the past, it was Easton doing the workshop and Emerson wanting to run up and down the aisles. 

Even though it is fall, it is still in the 90s and humid! So, we continue to enjoy beach trips on the weekends. ♥

So, we had a random and unexpected 4 day weekend! When hurricane Irma made it's way through Florida, we were not in the path, but they closed all schools in the state to use as shelters. I decided to take Emerson to Ms. Faith and have a day with just me and my boy. It was awesome! We ate at Chick-Fil-A, 
and went to the Wahoos baseball game. 

Easton was asked to brush off home plate to start the game :) 
Then that Saturday was a beautiful birthday party day!! Yay! 
We had it at our house with a water slide this year. 
Watching Easton beaming and playing with his friends was the best thing ever! It was the first year where he made the invite list. In the past, it was usually our friends and their kids...well now, it was his friends from Kindergarten and sports. I was meeting parents for the first time :) They did the water slide, trampoline, had a water balloon fight, ate Popsicles, pizza, and cake. Happy 6th birthday my sweet boy! 
Then the next day, we went out to dinner and the beach with my family. My uncle Johnny was in town from Colorado. 

They all look so big! :( 

Love my family! 

Friday evening at the beach. Ahhh
 Finally, this past Saturday we started soccer games! Easton is in the U8 league and the age cutoffs make it to where he is the youngest one playing with almost 8 year olds, but he is holding his own! I don't have a bunch of pictures to post like I normally would from my camera because I am coaching this season. Oh boy! My dad is doing it with me which is nice, but no more sitting and enjoying the games for now. Go Hedgehogs! :) 
My babies ♥ 

Have a good week! 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

back to school and baptism!

It's been a big couple of weeks for Easton! He started Kindergarten! 

He seems to be enjoying it :) 
He gets to walk to and from school which is really nice, and he seems happy when I pick him up in the afternoons. 

Ready for a great year!

Last weekend, Easton was baptized at church! It was such a great day and we are so proud of him ♥ 

 Oh and don't forget about this sweet little thing :) She is still as awesome as ever! 

Have a great week!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

bye bye summer

Happy Saturday! I wanted to get on and upload {the last chunk of} summer pictures. School starts Monday. Easton starts Kindergarten! Wahhhhh I don't even know what to feel right now. Oh, the emotions. I try to just not think about it, because the one time I really did stop and think, it was ugly tears. Picturing my baby that I was just rocking to sleep what seems like yesterday, now being such a big kid. I am so proud of Easton and so excited to watch him start his school journey this year. I know he is right where God wants him to be. It's just hard. Bitter. Sweet. 

This post is SO long, because there are so many pictures. We had a really good summer and I hope Easton and Emerson will enjoy looking back one day at all of the memories we made. I will miss our slow moving mornings with bed head and breakfast, in no hurry to get out the door :) 

We went to the beach and pool a lot this summer! 

{hit it. first try.}

We met up with friends here and there for play dates. 
We went downtown to the kid's museum and had a day of make believe :) and cupcakes to follow!
We went to the splash pad several times, which usually ended with superman ice cream at the pier. 

I loved my weeks with my babies, but the weekends when daddy was able to join in always makes it that much sweeter. ♥ 

I'm not really sure why this is here, but I guess I showered and washed my hair that day, so that gets documented at this stage in my life! haha 
We rode around in a funny car at the beach. This picture makes me so happy. I love the relationship these two are forming. Nothing better! 

This was the summer that Easton really learned how to swim. 
He took lessons with Mrs. Kenzie and did SO awesome! 

watching her bro bro
he had such a cute little crush! 
These last couple weeks we tried to cram in as much fun as possible as we neared the end. More beach. More pool. 
More play dates :) {Easton was telling jokes and talking about boss baby the movie and how it was showing butts. Goodness.}
Then on my last full day with e&e we went to the zoo. It was such a good day! 

Ready to capture the cute moment a bird lands on her hand to eat the food...not so much. 

ANDDD finally, the last thing we did for summer was end with a weekend away-just me and Drake! What?! So, each year his company sends the managers and their spouses to Orlando for a weekend. It was awesome! 
We spent Friday driving around UCF, reminiscing together. So many memories there. We were just babies. Hard to believe it was 12 years ago. 
Drake went by the baseball stadium 
and got to go back to his old locker. 
I of course had to walk by the soccer field. 
After that, we went shopping and had dinner in Disney. Saturday we slept in and then sat by the pool all afternoon before the company banquet. 
So proud! 
We were so happy to get back home to Easton and Emerson, and so thankful that Drake's mom and aunt Karen were willing to come tackle the task of keeping the kids for a few days. 

So, that's it. Bye bye summer. 

Tomorrow night we will pack lunches, lay out clothes, go to bed early, and read The Night before Kindergarten. Praying this handsome guy has an amazing, successful year.

{His new teacher, Mrs. Yeager}