Friday, February 2, 2018

33 of 365

Well, January came and went already! I'm not going to lie, January is my least favorite are coming off of a high from the holidays, it's dark way too early, cold, and just kind of a blah. Now that I am done whining...onto the good stuff! :) 
At the start of the month, we were still on Christmas break, so we enjoyed catching up with friends and lots of inside play time since it was so cold out. Yes, SO cold...I know it's Florida.
{my sweet boy and his obsession with his plush animals is the best thing ever}
Emerson is getting so big and continues to copy everything Easton does and wants to be independent in everything she does. She is a tough cookie but still loves on me at the end of the day ♥ 
I have been back in a good routine with working out now that a boot camp style gym opened right near our house that has childcare. It feels good to get back to being active after being very hit and miss for a while.
Easton went to his buddies birthday party at Chuck E Cheese

some of his classmates from school :)
Don't worry, Emerson enjoys tagging along for the cake
{cleanings at the dentist-check}
We actually had a snow {ice} day! haha 
So we hung out in pjs and went to the Otts house to hang for the day. 
Basketball season started :) Easton had an awesome 1st game...ready to head back up again first thing in the morning. 
Basketball in the AM-football in the PM :) 

 We enjoyed a pretty beach day with pop and nanny

{watching the surfers}

Flag football was awesome and Easton really loved playing this year. He ended up getting 6 touchdowns this season. 
 They went into the playoff weekend 3rd seed and beat both teams ahead of them to win the championship, it was awesome! 

Easton had another perfect report card-I am so proud of him! Then they celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing up as 100 year olds. 
 And I ended the month at a conference in Orlando for work. We had a little time at the mall goofing off before we had to start working the first day. My mentor is awesome :) 

 I am ready for an awesome February! Drake heads to Gainesville next week for work, where they are rewarding him for an awesome 2017 at his office. I am so proud and thankful. Have a great weekend...I will try and get better at updating a little more often :) xoxo

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The end of 2017

Happy New Year! 2018! Our Christmas and end of the year were busy and good. Easton had football practice and will continue his games this weekend. 
We finished up school before our break. Easton had a party and the jingle bell trail-lots of fun with his classmates. I can't believe he is half way through his Kindergarten year. 
Emerson even celebrated at Mrs. Faiths with pajama day and crafts with her BFFs :) 
Once we were on break, we went to Sowell farms and enjoyed the lights and the "choo choo"
Easton and Emerson have enjoyed their time off together!

We cleaned out old toys and donated some things...
Drake had his company Christmas party. I love sitting next to him and watching him stand up to speak to his staff. He is such a hard worker. 
I also enjoyed a little pj party with some friends. We ate and played board games. Relaxing nights in are the best!
Then as we got closer to Christmas day, we made a trip over to Bellingrath Gardens. We met up with my parents and had dinner and enjoyed the lights. 

Christmas eve-visiting a nativity scene and telling the kids the meaning of Christmas, eating s'mores and drinking hot chocolate before it was home and to bed before Santa came. 

He came! 

We had a wonderful Christmas morning. Watching the kids get excited is what it's all about. ♥ 
Christmas break=slow moving mornings :)

Then, to close out the year, Babcia and grandad came to visit. We had a good time and got to enjoy a beautiful beach day

We wrapped up 2017 with a little cosmic bowling :) 

Overall looking back, 2017 was a great year for us. We celebrated 10 years of marriage, Emerson turned 1, Easton turned 6, I started my new teaching job that I am loving, we went on a family trip to Stone Mountain, Drake and I enjoyed a trip to Orlando, Easton started Kindergarten and got baptized! 

I am so excited to start another amazing year with my family. I know God will continue to guide and bless us and I so thankful for everything we have! xoxo