Monday, November 30, 2009


Well...just got home, I worked late tonight :( I am so sleppy. Drake and I are about to go to my parents to check out my dad's Christmas present, a new 47" HDTV, go dad :) This month is dragging with the baby stuff (like always!) I will be able to test in about 2 weeks?! Right before Christmas! Please be good news!!!!! Well, on and off tonight-ready for the weekend already ha!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

We're Back!

Wow...this past week has been amazing! It started out by me getting to see Kylie on Tuesday night. She was in town for Thanksgiving, so I was bummed to leave her on Wednesday, but she will be back for Christmas. :) She is getting so big and is such a smart little girl. I definitely cherish the time I get to spend with her.

So Wednesday after work we headed out to Williamsburg Virginia. Our flight was perfect! I have to make sure and point that out because I have had my share of awful flying experiences and this one was awesome. Check in was fast, we got exit row seating both trips, and our bags were waiting on us when we landed.
Anyways...we got to Mom's house Wednesday night and just hung around and talked with Mom, Jeff, and showered and headed on to bed. Thursday we got up and Jeff was deep-frying the turkey (first time having fried turkey for me) and Mom was just finishing up the final touches. Then the family started showing up...I think there were a total of 26 people there! A handful of them I got to meet at my wedding but some I was meeting for the first time. Everything went perfect! All of Drake's aunts and uncles were awesome and so loving and so interested in getting to know me, and catch up with Drake. All of the aunts now know about Drake and I trying for a baby because of course they wanted to know when we were going to have a kid...and we all just sat on the back porch for a while talking about everything. Everyone is crossing their fingers for us to have twins now that they know I have an increased chance of them with my medicine. haha That would be crazy!

This is the sign I made for the fridge...and yes my turkey has arms, not wings. Get over it :)

Me and my wonderful husband!

Drake with Grandad Frank...he is awesome

Rob and Courtney

The siblings cracking up!

My new aunts and uncles! :)

Jeff, Mom, me, and Drake-such a pretty day

I love them! haha

This is mom and Jeff's new house-so pretty!
So overall Thanksgiving Day was amazing. Lots of food and fun with an amazing family. I'm so glad we were able to fly up and see everyone. The next day we actually headed to the outlets to shop. Oh first time out on black Friday. We went later in the day, I refuse to wake up that early to shop! It was fun, I got a new pair of pumas and got my brother his Christmas present. We even got to witness a lady getting out and yelling at the guy who took our spot when we were leaving! haha

Waiting in the car...

Pink Pumas Rock!

Yay...done shopping!
Finally Saturday we rode around and went to see Drake's old house from 4th grade and drove through some different sites before heading off to the airport. Everything was so nice. Now we are we cleaned and put up the Christmas tree...the outside lights will just have to go up another day. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Only 26 more days until Christmas!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

see ya

Just a quick blog to say good-bye! :) we will be heading out to Virginia tomorrow afternoon. I will post pics and tell you all about it as soon as we get back. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving week! xoxo

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Weekend

This weekend has been a good one :) The weekends are always good! Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the mall getting some Christmas gifts and some new winter clothes for ourselves. We will be up North this week, so I needed to get a new jacket. After shopping for a long time we went over to Jenn and Ronnie's for dinner yum! They always invite us over for delicious and healthy dinners. Then we watched The Goods and hung out for a while.

This morning we went to church and then went to Beef O Bradys for lunch and stopped by my parents for a bit. Now we are back at the house and the weather is yucky outside, so we are just catching up on some laundry and trying to get ahead so that we will be ready to go on Wednesday! I am so excited. This will be my first Thanksgiving not at home which is really weird. I am excited to meet a lot of Drake's family I have not even met yet! And to get to know the others even better.

Oh...I took my clomid for the 5days I was supposed to and everything went fine, I have had crazy heat flashes but I was not moody or sick like it said I might be, so that was good. I hope everyone had a great weekend...only 3 days of work this week! yay!!!

This is us on Saturday before heading out to the mall...

I love this picture! haha It was Vivian's bedtime :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Another step on our journey

Well today the doctor called to let us know that Drake's results came back and that he is A-OK. Actually, (I'm sure he won't mind me sharing this) they consider a good sperm count 20 million, and Drake's sperm was at 65 million! Go Drake :)
So, now that we know he is not the problem...the doctor called in for me to start taking Clomid today. I just took the 1st pill. I think this whole experience sunk in a little more now that I am taking fertility drugs. Have any of you taken Clomid or known anyone who did and can give me feedback? I was also informed of what days I need to have sex with Drake this about romantic haha
Well that is the update, I am excited about this next step. If it happens this month we could share the news at Christmas! Fingers crossed xoxo

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life is good today

I can't believe in a little over a week we will be flying to Mom and Jeff's for Thanksgiving! (This is Drake's mom and step-dad) I am so excited to have a break and to see everyone. Then when we get home it will be time to put up the Christmas decorations! That is crazy!

This weekend has been pretty low key, Friday we did dinner and a movie and then Saturday was just relaxing and watching football with the fam. and today we went to church and then went on a 4 mile run downtown. It was so pretty, Drake had a path mapped out around the water. If you are a runner and want to map out some different paths...go to google earth and use the little ruler to measure out a path. It has been a great tool to have now that I am training for that half marathon. Week one was a success! Only nine more to go. ha

Well, I am off to eat with the hubs. He fixed dinner tonight, after he got me flowers and made me a bubble bath. Why?! Just because he is an amazing husband. I am so blessed! :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Well I woke up in the middle of the night and bad news for the month :( Try going back to sleep after that happens. I am just so sad that pregnancy has not happened for us yet, but I am more determined then ever. I will say one thing about this whole journey thus far, I feel like it has brought me closer to God. I am determined to stay strong and believe that his timimg will be perfect and I will feel that much more excited when it does happen since we have so much more emotion poured into this.

Well, just wanted to update those of you who our following our journey, at first I saw I only had a couple "followers" so I didn't really think anyone read, but I have had a lot of friends tell me they read it :)

Oh, I will leave you with a few pics that we took before we went out to dinner last night. We had a great night together!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well I just got back from the doctor...I really like her! She is a total hippie :) Not to mention the part that she is like a mile from my house. Nothing much was found out I guess, but it is a start. I had the usual pap and breast exam and then she gave me tons of info on getting pregnant. She also wants me to do the ovulation testers the next few months so that we can make sure I am actually ovulating. Also, Drake was given stuff to go in town and get tested...awkward. But she said if we can rule him out then we can focus on me.
So the new plan...well just keep doing what we are doing with the added ovulation checks. If we do not get pregnant within the next 6 months, we are already scheduled to go back and do some more extensive tests and maybe start medication. But...I am believing that I will cancel that appointment so that I can come in earlier once I am pregnant! :) We should know by next week the results of this month. I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Truckin along...

Well, the week has felt weird so far...we got off of work early yesterday and got to go in late today due to the tropical storm that came through. It ended up just being wind and rain, nothing much. But I didn't mind sleeping in a little later this morning :)

I have officially had to say good-bye to my old chi straightener. I have had it since high school, when we all started really using them-what the heck did we do before them?! Those of you who can just dry your hair and walk out the door, you are so lucky! Anyways, I ended up getting a new amika straightener...I love it :) Of course I had to get the one that had the little tattoo designs on it.

The Real Housewives of the OC is back on! :) I love that is my favorite out of all the Housewives series.

So...I just found out last week that my best friend is coming to visit in February! I am so excited. Kathryn you know that you told me and I do not have my 2010 planner yet, so it is not written anywhere...I am going crazy! haha

Well, I am off to get some dinner and watch the biggest loser-ah the irony :) But I did just get back from a 3 mile run so it's ok.

If you do not mind, please keep me in your prayers the next few days as Drake and I will be going to the doctor Thursday morning. Thanks!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend has been non-stop for us! Friday after work we watched Vivian for a few hours, which is always alot of fun for us. She is crawling mom came over to see her and hang out.

After that we got ready to ride over to the beach and see all of my old teammates from UCF. It was so fun to see everyone again and just catch up with what our lives are now. We have people here, some still in Orlando, Boston, California, all scattered around, so it is so special that everyone can come together from time to time.

Then Saturday we slept in and then got ready for Kate's Wedding. It was so pretty! Only in Florida can you have a November beach wedding :)

The cake was so cute...Drew is a firefighter, so his cake was a firetruck with the fireman rescuing the bride :)

After the wedding we stayed at the reception for a while and had some good food and hung out with everyone.
Then we packed it in and came back to the house and watched a movie together and went to bed :)
Today we went to church and then downtown to grab lunch and walk around at the Art Festival. The weather was great and we got a cute little piece of art to add to our wall. Sorry no pictures. :( I took a bunch but they were all with Ronnie's camera. He has a really nice one that I got to play with. I am hoping Santa brings me a nice one this year :) After the festival we headed to the mall and now we are finally back home and worn out! I can't believe the weekend is already gone!

Friday, November 6, 2009

College Soccer

College Soccer is amazing! :) My old teammates will be in town tonight for the weekend! I am so excited to see everyone. Here is what happened in college soccer today...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Big Kids

Today has been a good day...but I am so tired! I had a good day at work and then when I got home Drake and I went on a run and then headed straight to get groceries. I love having a stocked panty! :) It doesn't last long in this house when you are feeding Drake so I have to soak it in haha Now I have Chicken Lasagne in the oven and banana pudding in the fridge yum! So I am off to get clean and then dinner should be ready. Nothing too exciting to report during the week I guess, it's just business as usual around here.

As I was scoping out pictures I realize how big my friend's children are getting :) I can't imagine if it is your own it must speed up even more! Here are some cuties to make your day a little brighter...

Bayleigh Gully is almost 3 months

Riley Long just turned 1! Happy Birthday!!

Vivian Otts is about to be 7 months
Kaylee Lynch is 3

And of course little Kylie is already 6 and a half! Ahhh

Monday, November 2, 2009

Quick Thoughts

1. I hate the fall back time change! It is dark by the time I get home and I hate that :(

2. Only 4 days until the UCF soccer girls are here for the weekend. It's going to be amazing to see all of them again.

3. I start my training Monday for the Pensacola half marathon I have decided to run that takes place in January

4. Next week is my OBGYN appointment...that should also be around the time to test for the month!

5. I love my husband more and more each day :)

That is all.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

I cannot believe it is already a good way. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas time! I guess that is pretty standard though. Last night was a fun Halloween night...Drake and I headed to Sam's Fear City. We had free passes from my work to get in, so we rode go-carts, took a haunted train ride, and played in the arcade :)

Walking around the park


Haunted train ride :)

Drake took Tammy's daughter on the merry-go-round

Arcade Action!

I had the winning case!
We had alot of fun. After we left we came home and watched scary movies together. I think it brings light to that fact that we are in the awkward stage of our lives. Most people are either dressed up and going out for a crazy night on the town or others have their kids dressed up and go trick-or-treating. We are in between the two although we don't have crazy pictures to post, or our adorable baby yet, our Halloween was perfect to us :)