Friday, March 5, 2010

longest week of my life

Sorry I have not been writing...things are a little hectic right now, but I will be back ASAP :) I love you all!


  1. Oh btw Jack and Kaya want you to tell them when they can met Aunt Rachel and Uncle Drake!

  2. I love you both! Hey, at least no one died right? hahahahahaha I'll bring Momma's guuuuurrllll for some cheering up. LOL

  3. Hey so my grandma informs me today that Kori and his brother don't look alike. "Wait, where did you see a picture of Drake?" From her blog. Wait my blog? No the sister-in-law from the comment. "Huh?" It takes a moment and I remember. your comment...some days I marvel at their technological issues and other days they are just plain impressive.


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