Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh happy day

I am so thankful for yet another amazing Saturday! Today we went to play some putt-putt. What's better than putt-putt? FREE putt-putt :) I had a coupon from work for 2 free rounds, so we went and used it. We had fun! I am sad to tell you that Drake beat me :( He started the first hole with a hole-in-one. Here he is making sure that it is documented haha

My turn...

Then we came home and layed out for a bit in the back yard. We had the radio going and a nice breeze to just sit and relax. I am loving our hammock! Drake made an area in the backyard with stone and rocks that the hammock is in, so it's like a little retreat :)

Now we are going to grab some lunch and figure out what to do the rest of the day. I just wanted to write real quick since it has been a few days. I hope everyone is having a good weekend! xoxo


  1. FREE puttputt? Consider me jealous. I love puttputt. :)

    The sun looks awesome too - you have a nice healthy glow. I'm just pasty white (with a red back of my neck from skiing all weekend).

  2. Praying mantis....hahahahah :)
    O.O (Supposed to be the eyes) lol


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