Monday, March 22, 2010

Truckin along...

Sooo, since last time I wrote we went to The Lynch's house for dinner Saturday night and had breakfast for dinner. yum! Drake and I were on our way home around 9:00 because we were already tired! Wow

Sunday I took care of all my laundry! Yes ALL. it has been a while since every piece of clothing I own was clean and hung up. It feels so good :)
Today was back to work...for lunch I grabbed a smoothie from bagelheads and went and just sat by myself in my car and looked out at the water and thought about life. It was nice to just sit and think about things and chill out for a few minutes. I love that my office is right by the water...
Finally, Today is day 13 of this cycle, and it is pretty much dragging by like every month. But we are continuing to "try" ;) I am so hopeful that it will happen soon! Well, I am off to run and start dinner. xoxo


  1. Oh my gosh I was on my way to work the other day and this song came on and I was like I need to send this to Rachel!!! BTW, Jack is pointing to your picture of Cozi right now and barking and saying Doggie

  2. I'm on CD16 and no signs of ovulation yet. *sigh* Guessing I'm going to need to up the Clomid next cycle. I'll keep hoping that it happens for you this cycle!!

    BTW - super jealous that you're near the water. I live in the middle of the mountains, but I MISS water!

  3. Hey Rachel, it's Summer....Fitch... (from wayyyy back!) Well now it's Smith but anyways.... I have been keeping up with your blog (can't really remember how I stumbled upon it) but I did and everytime another month rolls by I get all excited. I hope and pray that I will get here and you will have "I'M PREGNANT" posted really big! I feel like I'm in it with you and its funny cuz I haven't even seen you in a million years! But I said all that... to say this. I can only imagine how hard it is for you guys and I pray for you all the time. Keep your chin up and remember that ours is a wonderful God, he will see you through this. Oh and one more thing, I have this friend at work, she and her husband tried for three years to get pregnant (tried everything). They finally decided to quit trying and just adopt. They were almost done with the adoption process and found out that they were pregnant! Craziness.... her Dr could not believe it, she just chalked it up to the decreased stress level for both of them! Now they have "J" who is 16 months and "F" who is 2 months! (both biologically theirs.) I know that I just totally rambled ( I'm sooo not a good "blogger". But I figure it couldn't hurt to tell ya! Just know that even though we haven't talked in forever, I am here. Oh and waiting to see those two words REALLY BIG!!!!! GOOD LUCK GIRLIE!!!


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