Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday Everybody!

Yay it's Friday!! I am home because for "work" today I was at our charity golf event, so I was set up at a par 3 under a tree on a beautiful day just hangin :) I was done by 1:00.

On the way home I stopped to grab some snack food because once Drake gets off of work tonight...we are headed camping! :) It will be my first time, isn't that crazy? I am really excited to have a little outing for the weekend. I will write when we get back. Have a great weekend! xoxo
oh PS...I got a vinyl design for our hallway from etsy and just put it up :) We had pictures there, but we are on picture overload in the house, so I thought I would put something else in that spot. So easy to do!


  1. haha, i have some other videos of her that I"m going to post tonight. She is so happy when she wakes up from naps or in the morning. I wish it was "Hey.." How cute would that be? But she's got Mama and dada down. I need to teach her tanks and c-ya. LOL I just realized as well how country I sound when I talk on B's Masterpiece. LOL I know she can't wait to see Aunt Racy again...and YES I'm mad at you. ;) Have fun camping. That's something we should try and Matt's parents are getting a beach house for a week in July if maybe you and Drake could get away that long. That would be fun. I'll let you know the dates later.

    Ooo, how are you supposed to um, ya know, this weekend? Be REEEEAlly really quiet?? hahaha Oh geez, I am just laughing at picturing you camping. Good times..good times. C-ya

  2. cute design...we need more pictures in our house and stuff like this too. We actually agree on a decoration...haha I like the two little birdies

  3. oh ok good...just wanted to make sure you guys were keeping up with your "exercises" and staying in shape :)

  4. sooo cute! We got a branch with birds for our bathroom a while back, its still laying in its package though, we are so ambitious!!!


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