Saturday, May 1, 2010


So when I was a teacher at the high school, our journalism students went on a yearly trip to South Florida for the Florida Scholastic Press Association event. It was really weird when I went as a teacher, because I went when I was in high school to compete. Anyways, while you are there, the last night they have a dance for all of the students. The first year we went Shelby, Collin, and I took a random goofy picture together...

Then when we were back in 2009, we had a re-make of the picture of the 3 of us at the dance...

And this is what I got today :( The kids just got back from their last trip as seniors and Shelby and Collin took a picture at the dance and pretended like I was in the middle. It meant the world to me that my old students still think about me. I miss them so much!


  1. Aww mrs. wade! We made it into a blog? We really do miss you, it wasn't the same with that big gap.

    -Shelby :)


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