Monday, May 10, 2010

Case of the Mondays is the big day...of nothing. Just waiting and waiting. Trying to stay busy and making double the bathroom trips I normally would. I'm so nervous, and hopeful. Please say a prayer that this is our month. ♥


  1. wait I'm you're going to the bathroom a lot??? Or just...wait...huh? what does that mean...if you're peeing a lot that means SOMETHING...and I'll be there Thursday...tanks...I'm leaving really early to beat traffic here and HOPEFULLY get through that God awful state LA by lunchtime then be at your place around 3 or 4 so I can miss Mobile traffic...OOO Matt said the other day that if he doesn't get engineering that he's going to put in Mobile or Pcola as an instructor pilot at Whiting...Um we could be neighbors..along with my'll think he's pretty. I hope the lady agrees for the price I offered...I know you are super excited about it..hahaha. K...tanks C ya!

  2. I'm praying that you stop harassing the poor bathroom cause it will have no news for you :) that's my prayer today!

    If it does at one point have news for you, I promise to pray it gets what's coming to it.

  3. Are you taking a HPT today or do you have a doctor's appt? Can't wait to hear; I'll be thinking about you!

    And I live in Kansas City, right smack in the middle of the country, but we wanted a beach wedding and got married in Panama City. And yes, I do have a weakness for Kendra, ha!

  4. hahaha I cracked up with the horse lingo. I will just have to teach you all about it when I get there. And um...I know you'll come back at me with something about this, but alot is a lot...spell check..haven't we discussed this situation before??
    Have you been cramping at all? I am so glad I'll be there too. I've really missed you. I hope we won't be drinking your sorrows away either. Instead, I hope at least I can drink and cheers to you on good news...and you can just w/o a h

  5. Praying...update soon..I can't stand waiting!! Hoping for a BFP!!!


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