Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kaylee and Kendall

Today after work I headed home to put on some bumming clothes and then Drake and I headed over to see Kaylee and Kendall for a little bit. Danielle does not look like she just had a baby! I fed Kendall while Drake had a tea party with Kaylee :) It was so sweet to watch. It was nice to visit with Danielle for a bit and I think she enjoyed some company.

After we left we ran a few errands and now we need to finish cleaning the house since Kathryn will be in town tomorrow! yay Gotta make dinner and get my workout in too...busy busy This week has flown by so that is awesome! I hope everyone's week is going well. xoxo


  1. You do have food for me to eat right??? :)

  2. hehe tell Drake I think pink is his color! :)

  3. just checking in to say hope all goes well today! :) And after looking at the pictures again, I think its official, Drake needs a girl!


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