Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Man I could go for a day off for my mental health. I am just so dang tired and feel like I have no energy today. I did have a busy day at work and then after I did a shoot for my co-worker Heather. We had so much fun! We did a shoot of her so that she can surprise her husband with a book of pictures when he deploys in August. Isn't she gorgeous?!

Once I got home it was time to grab dinner, then I hopped on here, and I am already ready to get my shower and just lay in bed. We are such an old couple, in bed at 9:30 haha Anyways...I need to find energy from somewhere because I will be ovulating in the next week, and this is our last chance before going to the specialist. I hope we can get that positive this month! That would mean I would have a baby in March of 2011. I like the sound of that :) Well...I am outta here. Have a great night xoxo


  1. Sorry bella!! Did you get my last min. email today? (I always hear kori calling drake old.) BTW, I got towork today and my planner--which is mylifeline too (Kori says I'm the messiest organized person ever.)and now I have to get a new one. I opened mine and Jack had drawn on almost every single page. (and put it back in my purse so I had no idea) Especially my month pages, sigh, I was so lost. this weekend though! new one pronto!

  2. I love taking mental health days - just have to make the time for them. I'm so crossing my fingers for you that this month works!!

  3. Wow - gorgeous girl, and a gorgeous photo Rachel - you're so talented!!

    Going to be at 9:30 isn't such a bad thing - that's pretty much par for the course for us as well. :) You just have to find time for the baby making before that or in the morning then! :) Good luck this month!!


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