Thursday, June 24, 2010


It's almost the weekend! :)


  1. Look at my sweet Kylie...Are you trying to tempt me to come there by posting all these pictures of her??? :) I know you miss me, but geeeezz.

  2. hey kat it is kylie gust to let you no becuas i am not racey. bring your horse and booger so i don't have to take the car. p.s. becous i like booger. love,

  3. Hey Kylie! Thanks for letting me know it's you and not Racey. I miss you. I will try to make a trip while you are there for the summer. I will bring Booger, he misses you :) But I don't think I can fit my horse in my car. Are you having fun with Racey and Drake? I love you!


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