Saturday, July 23, 2011

cell phone coolness

Happy Saturday! Today was a good day, I was up and ready to take on the day at 6:30. I usually get up about ummm 9:00. :) Hey, It's my summer break and my last few weeks of being able to sleep in for a very long time. I got up and took Cosmo on a long walk...

and I took her while wearing my new kicks :)

once we got back I spent the morning cleaning, paying bills, and doing things around the house. Once Drake got home we got ready and headed over to Jenn and Ronnie's house to eat dinner and hang out with them, Joe, and Rachel. Of course the kids are always entertaining :) Vivian, Jonah, and here is little Dean...
Overall a successful day ♥ Have a great weekend!


  1. Nice! Is Drake working on Saturdays again? Ps that little boy is very cute!!! And your video wouldn't play for me :(

  2. He works every 3rd one now. Not too bad :) Yea, that is Dean...Vivian's little brother


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