Sunday, July 31, 2011

My first baby shower!

Today was a great day. I had my first baby shower :) It was given to me by my mom and her best friend. It still doesn't feel like it was for me, like I was just filling in for someone who was having a baby and that was it. I am still waiting for this moment of realization to come up and slap me in the face at any moment. I guess it's harder for it to sink in because when you try for a while to get pregnant, you visualize all of these things that will one day happen, and then when they do, it still feels like you are pretending and it is just another one of your fantasies.

Here is the food table :)

The only picture of me and my mom and it's blurry :(

Both of my grandmas

onesies :)

opening gifts! Easton is already so loved!

for your viewing pleasure :) My mom got a little overwhelmed by all of her shower throwing duties haha

My girl ♥

We played games, ate, and I opened gifts. It was a really nice afternoon and I was so excited to show Drake all of Easton's goodies. He was off playing golf with my dad and brother while we did the shower :) Once we got home, we put everything up and got a little closer to being where we need to be by the time he gets here. About 6 more weeks!!

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  1. It was a great time!! You got alot of amazing things!! You're right about Easton being so loved!! He is gonna get so many kisses and hugs!! Love a ton.......


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