Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week 38

Week we go. I am officially hitting that point. The point where I am so ready to have him that I start to get impatient and frustrated. Working up until I go into labor is going to suck, but it's what I have to do. I had no progression when I went to the doctor yesterday :( I am hoping for better news next week at my 39 week appointment, if not we need to plan when we will induce I guess. Crazy to think about! He is getting lower that's for sure, because it just hurts down below when I try and walk for a while or even when I get up in the night to go to the bathroom, I am so stiff and achy. I am just ready, plain and just have to deal with my moodiness today.

The good news glucose readings have remained low, his heartbeat was 140 yesterday, my blood pressure has remained good, and my weight is good. Drake is ready to go! :) Anytime I call and he misses it, he will call right back, "Is it time?! Is everything ok?!" and the other night when he was sleeping and I was still watching some TV and had a sharp pain that caused me to make a noise, he popped up half asleep," What's going on? Are you having contractions?!" haha

Well, that is all for now...MAYBE this will be my last update. haha (or maybe I will have 3 more-yikes!) Thanks for checking in♥

Hey, your little one isn't so little anymore, weighing close to seven pounds and measuring 20 inches long. Fetal development is nearly complete as your baby tends to a few last-minute details like shedding the skin-protecting vernix and lanugo. He's also producing more surfactant, a substance that prevents the air sacs in his lungs from sticking to one another once he starts to breathe. Most of the changes this week are small but important: He’s continuing to add fat (so he can take advantage of all those photo ops by sporting a round, cute baby look!) and fine-tuning his brain and nervous system (so he can deal with all the stimulation that awaits him once he makes his entrance into the world).

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Go Go Go

Today Drake worked all day so I was cleaning away...nesting maybe, paying bills, and organizing everything at the house. :) Then when he got home we did our grocery shopping and my parents came over for dinner. I made Creamy Ranch Pork Chops with rice and corn and then Apple Tart for dessert. It was good. I intended to do nothing today but I felt like being non-stop and taking care of everything. Now I can relax :) Drake got mad at me at one point because I wouldn't just take it easy. After dinner we watched a movie. I got a lot done today and squeezed some fun in too. Now tomorrow is my day off with my other half! Yay ♥ Have a great night :)

Seafood and Swelling

Last night when Drake got home he asked if I wanted to have a date night. Well, duh! It sounded like an awesome idea. We got ready and headed out to the beach to eat at Peg Leg Petes. Well of course with it being Friday night there was a long wait, which was fine except you wait outside to be seated. It is hot yes, but the humidity of Florida is awful! So we are standing and waiting for our table and of course I am annoyed at the fact that I am obviously really pregnant now and NO ONE that was sitting on the benches offered to let me sit. Thanks southern hospitality. Anyways, I normally wouldn't care but oh my gosh...I guess the combination of working all day and then standing out there was not cool with my body-total swelling domination! :) I could not believe how swollen my ankles and feet were and it hurt to try and close my hands.

Finally the prettiest sight I have ever seen-our buzzer for our table lit up. We went in to the AC and sat for dinner. Dinner was yummy-I had crab claws and Drake got his regular burger. I always love a date with the hottest guy I know ♥ Once we were done I was really excited about the thought of PJs and bed. Today I plan on doing nothing for the most part...yes I know, I lead an exciting life :) At least it's Saturday!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Conversation that took place today after work while getting the best feeling pedicure ever on my swollen achy feet:

Me- Aren't there pressure points that can help with going into labor?
Nail chick- Ah yes pressure points...right here
Me- Yea...hit em :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week 37

I'm full term! Easton can feel free to come whenever he would like :) I am so ready and excited! (And being patient realizing I might not meet him for another few weeks if that's what he feels like doing too) I went in for my weekly check today and no progression as far as he goes, still barely a cm. and about 50% effaced she said. My doctor did say that his head was getting lower, so I will take what I can get :) His heart rate was good, my blood pressure was onto the next week we go.

I am not totally miserable, but more uncomfortable lately, especially with going back to work and being on my feet all day...oh and driving my kids around the community to job sites for our program with a bus that has no air in Florida. Not cool. So I just get hot and swollen at work and my back has been hurting more this week. We are ready for Easton to come though which is exciting, I have everything lined up at work, we put in his car seat this weekend, hospital bag is in the car...

I cannot believe I will be meeting my baby in the next couple weeks! ♥

Congratulations! You've got what is officially considered a full-term baby, even with three weeks to go. That doesn't mean he's finished growing — in fact, he's still packing on about a half pound a week (at this age, the average fetus weighs about 6.5 pounds). That makes it a little crowded in your uterus, so he’s probably not kicking as much, though he’s probably stretching, rolling a bit, and wiggling (all of which you’ll be able to feel!). Right now, your little superstar is busy rehearsing for his big debut, inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid (to get the lungs ready for that first breath), sucking his thumb (to prepare for that first suckle of milk), blinking, and turning from side to side.If (okay, as) you worry about giving birth, consider what it's like for the little one. During the journey out of your womb, baby will produce more stress hormones than any other time in life.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The weekend :)

This weekend has been great. Friday night we spent at my parents hanging out and watching a movie. Yesterday we ran all around town doing random things. We stopped by Target, Lowes, Innerlight, Shoe Station, and grabbed Moes for lunch. Drake has been busy putting everything together-the jogging stroller, the regular stroller, a cabinet, still working on the stone on the house outside...I am making him do nothing today and take it easy. :) Yesterday evening we headed to Joe and Rachel's house to hang out with them, Jenn and Ronnie. Cosmo even went and played with Cotton...

We ate hamburgers, mac and cheese, and cookies for dessert. The kids played and then once they went to bed we played board games. I love board games! :) Always a fun time!

Little Dean. He is so sweet

The boys hanging out while the burgers were on the grill...

Now it is Sunday and we are planning on doing nothing today :) Maybe some laundry and a couple things around the house, but overall just enjoying our little family and trying to get energized for the work week. First day of school for the kids tomorrow, wish me luck! ♥

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some maternity shots :)

Here are some of our maternity shots :) The first location was with a local "haunted" lighthouse in the background and then we took some in a bad area downtown. I like old/dirty/ different things in pictures. Weird to some people I guess, but I am very happy with them :)

The graffiti said "don't panic" haha

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Week 36

Hey guys! I am 36 weeks pregnant now. Wow. I have officially been told that I looked like I was ready to pop about 3 times this week. We only have a couple things left to do to be completely done with our to-do list. But if he were to come today we would be fine. I had my weekly appointment yesterday after work and she said everything is thinning nicely and I am 1 cm dilated! I have had more of an upset stomach this week. Oh, and I was thinking how great I was feeling to be at this point...well that had a lot to do with the fact that I was on summer break and able to take it easy. Now that I am back to work and going all day I am definitely feeling it more. Well, sorry a quick one today...I am off to work. :)

Forget your aching back (and everything else!) by trying to focus on your baby, who is now about six pounds and 20 inches long, with soft bones and cartilage to allow a safer journey through the exit door. Most of his systems (from circulatory to musculoskeletal) are ready for prime time, though his digestion system — which has done only practice runs so far — will kick into gear as he takes his first suckle at the breast or bottle.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to work

I have been dreading going back to work today...summer break is just so much fun! :) But I am back from my first day of pre-planning and I love the fact that I feel like I just jumped right into my groove where I left off. The kids will be back next Monday and I have a ton of work to do this week, but I am ready. I already have my substitute lined up for when I go into labor. She is "on call" and will be ready to work 8 weeks once the time comes. yay!

I am overall just so thankful to be back at my school. With all of the budget cuts the past few years, I have spent every summer since graduating college looking for a job. But finally this summer, I was able to really enjoy it, knowing I was getting my job back. I will still have my ESE class and work with them in the community, but I am also helping with the TV Production class too :) I am looking forward to a great school year!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shower and Shopping

Yesterday was a fun day, but I was pooped! I had my 2nd shower, this one was thrown by my friends. Easton got some cute things from everyone ♥ We ate some yummy food, played some games, and I opened gifts. Here I am with my momma...

Some of the cakes :)

Awesome party throwers! :)

Once I got home I unloaded the gifts and started putting them in their place. Yesterday evening we went to Target and got everything that we still needed. We still had to get a stroller/car seat, swing, I think we are done getting what we need for his arrival. My hospital bag is pretty much ready to go. Just in time since I am headed back to work in the morning. :( It has been a great summer and I can't be too bummed because I will go back to work for about a month and then take 8 weeks off with Easton :)
Now I am off to enjoy my last day of summer break...Drake is continuing to work on adding stone to our columns outside, so I will help with what I can out there...which isn't much. I hope you all have a great Sunday! xoxo

Thursday, August 11, 2011

She's gone :(

Well, my niece Kylie left today to head back to Jacksonville for the school year. Our whole family gets in a bummed mood when she has to leave. She is such an amazing little girl and I am so thankful to have her in my life. I hope she had a great summer...I know I sure did getting to spend time with her ♥

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week 35

Another week down...this past week has been ok. My heartburn at night is annoying and all in my throat. I also have trouble falling asleep these days. I will lay there forever trying to fall asleep and then I finally just sit up and watch crappy TV for a while. Yea, surely that helps haha

This morning I had my check-up and now will be seeing my doctor weekly. We did an ultrasound first since last week he was measuring a week behind based on my belly measurements. Well, according to the ultrasound he is on the normal/high side. He is measuring 6 lbs 2 ounces. My fluid was good, his heartbeat was like 127 at the start of the ultrasound and he was not moving as much as she wanted him to, so they got this little thing and vibrated it on my stomach and then he got going and the heart rate went up to about 138. She said he was just sleeping and they would only be concerned if when they did the vibration thing if he didn't react.

It seems like the closer I get to D-day the more I worry about...I guess there is more to look at now a days. I also got checked for the first time, no progress yet. Bummer. I think that sums up this week :) I can't believe we are getting so close!

*Baby is the size of a honeydew melon*
Your baby is standing tall (so to speak) this week at about 20 inches and continues his steady weight gain (he’s about 5.5 pounds). While he won't get much longer, he will continue to pack on the pounds — including large amounts of baby fat — right up 'til delivery day. Something else that's moving at a mind-boggling pace these day: fetal brain development! There’s a lot going on inside that tiny head, which is, by the way, still soft to allow an easier exit through the birth canal.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Date nights and sunny days

This weekend has been awesome so far! Last night Drake got home from work and I was dressed and ready to go on a date :) We went to eat at The Fish House. yum! I love eating there. That could be our last date without having to get a babysitter?! Weird.

This morning we got up and headed out to Munson Lake. If you think Munson sounds like some random out in the middle of nowhere redneck are right :) This picture gives you a good idea of what it is like haha

I had so much fun! We met out there for my mom's belated birthday celebration and had a great day. We cooled off in the lake, ate a picnic lunch, rode bikes, and went on trails. The trails were in the shade for the most part so it was not too bad for me as far as the heat.

Happy Saturday!! ♥

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just another day in paradise

I am continuing to have a great summer break. (I go back to work on the 15th) I want to make sure that before I go back, we have everything we need for Easton and hospital bags are packed...just in case. Today was a good day, I went and used my gift certificate from my brother and his girlfriend for a prenatal massage. It was so nice!
After that I went to the mall and got a couple things and then headed home to pick up Cosmo and go swimming at my parents. When I got home, I had this waiting for me in the mail :)

Drake got it for me as my "push gift" A push gift sounds so silly, but I'm not complaining! I LOVE it! It was sweet because I saw the watch in the Guess store in Miami and never got it. Drake remembered how much I liked it and ordered it. If you are pregnant and not aware of the push gift, you need to be haha Hey, it will help me time my contractions. :)

*A push present (also known as a "push gift" or "baby bauble") is a present a new parent gives a new mother when she gives birth to their child. In practice the present may be given before or after the birth, or even in the delivery room. The giving of push presents has supposedly grown in the United States in recent years.*

So after going to my parents and swimming, we played a board game and then it was time for Drake to get off work ♥ Now we are just relaxing together and about to watch Jersey Shore (Ashamed to admit that) Have a good night!!