Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shower and Shopping

Yesterday was a fun day, but I was pooped! I had my 2nd shower, this one was thrown by my friends. Easton got some cute things from everyone ♥ We ate some yummy food, played some games, and I opened gifts. Here I am with my momma...

Some of the cakes :)

Awesome party throwers! :)

Once I got home I unloaded the gifts and started putting them in their place. Yesterday evening we went to Target and got everything that we still needed. We still had to get a stroller/car seat, swing, I think we are done getting what we need for his arrival. My hospital bag is pretty much ready to go. Just in time since I am headed back to work in the morning. :( It has been a great summer and I can't be too bummed because I will go back to work for about a month and then take 8 weeks off with Easton :)
Now I am off to enjoy my last day of summer break...Drake is continuing to work on adding stone to our columns outside, so I will help with what I can out there...which isn't much. I hope you all have a great Sunday! xoxo


  1. How did it go having 2 showers? We're ending up with the same thing here - one thrown by my MIL's friends, one by my friends. Kind of feels awkward, but both groups had ppl who really wanted to throw a shower, so I'm just going with it.

    You and your Momma look so much alike!

    Wow, hard to believe that you're so close to finally meeting Easton IRL! :)

  2. I LOVED it! You do need to go with it and allow all the love and help you can get for the baby :) Even with two great showers, we still had a good bit to spend on remaining items, so I can't imagine not having the help we did.

  3. Um, Like the dress. You're welcome, tanks :)

  4. I bet it feels good to have everything you need, and know that you are now just waiting for his arrival. Who knows, he might surprise you and come earlier than expected! :)


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