Sunday, September 18, 2011

Out of the house

Today we got out of the house. It was just over to my parent's, but it still counts :) The first time of having to get the diaper bag packed and all that good stuff. We hung out and celebrated my grandma's 77th birthday.

One week has already passed, and I am so excited knowing I still have 2 weeks with Drake at home and I still have 7 weeks off from work. Everything is still going well, Easton is doing good through the nights, but it is still an adjustment to getting a lot less sleep. I have also had my moments of break down. Today I was all upset because Easton could not latch on this morning and we had to give him a bottle. Going into it, I said I would try breast feeding but it was no big deal if it didn't work, but now that he has been breastfeeding and I have experienced the bonding, I freaked out thinking he would never latch on again. His next feeding everything was back to normal :) Thank you to the inventor of the nipple shield. Well, off to least for a couple hours. Goodnight

My family ♥


  1. we've all had those moments. Awesome family pic!

  2. Beautiful family! Glad to hear the breastfeeding is back on track.

  3. Being a new mom is so overwhelming I remember the moment like it was yesterday (except I didn't give birth haha). I'm so glad to hear things are going well. Enjoy every second. ;)) He is just precious! I love the family picture! =))

  4. Beautiful family pic! Glad Easton got the latch re-figured out!

  5. Getting out of the house the first few times is such a BIG deal! You feel like you are packed up for a month! Great family picture! Everyone looks wonderful & just so happy!


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