Thursday, October 13, 2011

All about E

Hey guys! Today has been another good day. Easton slept really well last night and had a good day with me at home. Drake got home from work a little early so we went to my parent's house. This is what happens when you leave Easton with my dad...

My parent's watched Easton while Drake and I went and got tattoos :) Drake got Easton's name on his side...

I think it hurt a good bit based on the fact that this is the sweat from his leg on the table haha

Finished product :)

I got Easton's birthday in roman numerals on my arm. I love it :)

Now we are home and it's my bedtime. Good night :)


  1. Glad Easton slept so well!

  2. That hat is so big on his little head. :) Those tattoos are awesome!!

  3. He is so adorable!
    I love your tattoo, thats an amazing placement also!
    So sad to be going back to work - I'm sure!!!

    Where do you shop? You always have the greatest outfits!!!


Thanks for commenting :) You are awesome!