Saturday, October 29, 2011

Attached at the hip

Yesterday Easton and I were on the go all day. Now that he is in his routine and I know when he will be doing what, I feel confident taking him out and about anywhere I need to go. Here is how my day started :) He is smiling more and more these days, which means I have a camera in his face that much more...poor kid.

He went with me to get my nails done, he just hung out in my sling the whole time. :) He was so content. After I finished up there we came home so I could feed him and then he played for a while...

Then it was nap time and he had to get rested up on his way to his first date! :) Drake picked out his outfit for the big event haha Hey, it was with an older woman, he had to dress to impress.

I met up at Bagelheads with my friend Summer and her little girl Elle who is almost 6 months old. Summer and I have known each other since we were in middle school! We grew up playing soccer together and even played together at UCF. It was so nice to see her again!

And then it was off to Easton's great grandmas house to eat again. She was so excited we stopped by, she has been out of town visiting her sisters so has not seen Easton since we were at the hospital. I was just sitting there listening to her talk to him and telling him how much she loved him and how much my grandpa would have loved to hold him and love on him too if he was still here. It was really sweet.

After that we went to see daddy at work which is always a highlight to the day :) Once Drake was off we went to my parent's house and watched the start of game 7. Easton fell asleep in my dad's lap and Drake fell asleep on the couch :) Look at them sleeping the same way! I ♥ it!!

FINALLY, after that I stopped by the Pace-Milton football game for a few minutes. Pace is where I taught a couple years ago and my old students are now the seniors, and Milton is where I teach I was able to run into a handful of old and current kiddos :) Easton was pooped after the long day...crap, I was too!

Today I am doing nothing! Just bumming around...paying some bills, (the medical bills started rolling in for my c-section and everything else. ugh.) editing pictures from last weeks shoots, and maybe I will get some cleaning done...I am leaning towards no on that one :) Have a great weekend, I can't wait for Drake to get home from work!


  1. big pimpin' with Summer's lil girl!!! Haha Glad to see she's doing well too!.

  2. I'm so loving his "date" and the sleeping picture - priceless! He's getting so big and cuter by the second! Wish we lived closer - Nolan and Nora would love another little buddy! ;))

  3. I love how much her smiles!! I took Chloe to get my nails done too last week. I was a bit nervous, but she did great. Don't you feel good when you get out and about and things go smoothly? :)


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