Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family Pictures

When we took our maternity pictures a while back, we got to shoot at a couple different locations. When we headed to our last spot the place was locked up and by the time we would have went to another location it would have been dark. The photographer said we would make up the last location, and I asked if we could just wait and take the last couple shots once Easton was here to conclude our session and he was cool with that :) So, here are a couple shots we took up the is a house that was blown away by Ivan and the stilts are still there, so I thought it might look neat.


  1. You look stunning as always. :) Great family pics!

    -- ps, that's incredible about the location. wow.

  2. How precious, he's such a stud! And you look wonderful!

  3. Gorgeous pics!!! Gorgeous couple! Gorgeous baby boy!


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