Monday, October 24, 2011

Picking back up

Well, I have continued to enjoy my maternity leave SO I doubted that! I have never been so happy with everything around me. I love my job, my friends and family are always here for me, my husband is an amazing daddy and best friend, I have my miracle baby. What more could a girl ask for?! ♥

Now that I have 6 weeks of leave done and feel like myself again, I am slowly starting to get back into my old groove. I have started working out again...I have been walking several weeks now, but I was finally able to go back to the gym and really workout. Back to my kickboxing class. Yay!

I also went into work today because it was a planning day and I was able to kind of get caught up on what my students have been doing while I have been out so I don't feel totally lost when I go back. My mom kept Easton and although I called to check on him all day and had my mom send me a picture, I did good for my first day away from him. Knowing he is with my mom helps so much!

I also started scheduling some photo shoots again and am excited to get back to taking some pictures for some extra "play" money :) Here are a couple shots from yesterday's shoot...

Drake and Easton came along and walked around with me :) After that I got some Red Lobster to-go and came home and enjoyed some crab legs in my pjs. Ahhh

Well, I am off to shower and then it will be bath time and feeding time for Little E. Have a great week! xoxo


  1. How many weeks of maternity leave do you get again? I can't believe 6 weeks have flown by already!

  2. I am taking 8 weeks. I is flying by! How many are you planning to take? Speaking of flying by, you are getting so close! Crazy!!

  3. Awesome pictures! It is amazing how fast it goes.

  4. I love seeing your pictures you take! I only have one week of leave left and I am so sad!! :(


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