Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thought Vomit Thursday (Eve)

Most of you who read my blog also read Oak (that's her son in the picture) and Natalie's blog, so you already know what Thought Vomit Thursday is. Just a way to get all of the random stuff clogging up your brain out without having any structure or format. (I do believe that is how all of my posts are, but that's ok :)) Oh and it's not Thursday...that's ok too. haha

* In the spirit of the whole vomit thing, I figured I would share a picture of this morning's incident on Easton's play mat. His head was on the turtle's face and his cute little hands swinging and grabbing the toys above him...and then-wham! Projectile at it's finest. Look at that distance! Poor baby :( I think he is feeling a lot better today. The last 2 days were very draining. He had an upset stomach both days and was crying all day. I started freaking out thinking he was getting colic, but today he seems much better. :)

* I have started looking at Halloween costumes online. The crappy part is that with Easton being so small and young this Halloween, he will only be able to fit into the costumes that have bunting at the bottom. All of the others I have seen are for 6 months and older. That really narrows down the options. They have a few hulk, superman type costumes and then random ones (whoopee cushion, car air freshener, ketchup packet?!) I guess I could make his costume...oh wait, I have 0 crafting abilities. dang it.

*I am officially obsessed with Mio. Each time we go to the grocery store I get 1 Strawberry Watermelon, 1 Berry Pomegranate, and 1 Fruit Punch. I don't know what it is, I know they are just like the powder packets you can add to water, but this is not as annoying...and you can make a little or a lot instead of having to do a 20 ounce water. I used to struggle resisting soda, but these have helped so much!

*Little E has been cruising the hood everyday this week in the jogging stroller :) I love it! And the weather is comfortable which makes a huge difference. It feels good to be back on the move, and the whole time I am going I get to just look down at his sweet little face, oh and just shoot the breeze with him and he listens to everything I have to say ♥

*Have a great day!!


  1. YAY! Welcome to TVT! I am having such a hard time with the halloween costume decision. I want to do something fun. Oh I saw a bunting at Target that was a hot dog. Cracked my shit up. Maybe Easton wants to be a hot dog?

  2. Oh and I LOOOOve the new pic in your heading!

  3. I've been meaning to try that Mio and now I think I will get some tonight. I also love how Maggie listens to everything I have to say. I have a feeling this won't be the case in just a few short years!!!!

    I almost just got Maggie some black footy pajamas (they sell them online!) and was going to tie a cute pink tie around her head and she was going to be a ninja, but then I found her actual costume. She's a lot bigger than Easton though!

  4. Walking around chatting it up with Easton...what a dream come true. :)

  5. He is very alert! Sorry to hear he's been upset, but hopefully it's passed like you said.

  6. Poor little guy! Glad to hear he's feeling better at least. That is some serious distance!

    What a perfect time of year to get out with him :)

  7. The reason he can't say anything while you guys are walking around is because you have him plugged up with his paci. I'm SURE he's like, "Mom, shut it. I am trying to enjoy the scenery" HAHA. Tanks, love you. Glad you are moving again. :)


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