Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thought Vomit Thursday

Here's to another week of random bullet points of my life...

*I have upgraded the technology in my life this week. First I ordered a new camera! :) I am so excited about it. When I first bought a DSLR I just got the cheapest one I could find because I never intended on taking pictures as a side job, but since that has happened and I am staying busy with it, I decided it was time to upgrade. Yay! It should be here in the next week.

Also, our 2 year phone contract ran out recently, so I re-signed up and got an iphone4. I usually could care less about my phone-before this I was still using the phone I had from college! No internet or anything on it...and I could have cared less. But it is nice to have so many things on my phone now.

*I have been on a hot streak with craigslist lately! Since I have been home on leave I look around at all of the useless crap we have, so I started posting some stuff and have been able to get rid of several things. I also ran across a few things...I just picked up about 350 diapers for 5 bucks :) Sweet!

*Last night Easton slept through the night! :) version of through the night meaning 9-5. Not some doctor's through the night of 12-5. That is not through the night in my world. He is doing so good. ♥ I love this kid so much!
*Tonight in kickboxing class we are having a Halloween themed workout and are turning all the lights out and working out with black lights, glow sticks, and glow in the dark paints. It should be fun!

*Have an awesome day!!


  1. Thats awesome that he slept so long. I'm SO impressed. Can you have Easton come over and teach the twins how to do that once they come ;). Thats the only thing I'm really worried about haha but we will make it - I hope!!! =) Easton is just so precious!!!

  2. Oooh - a 7D? That's awesome!!

    Craig's List is so awesome - we've scored some great stuff on there.

  3. Hey girl!! I've got 2 questions for you and couldn't figure out how to just email you!! Ha!! First...we have some friends moving to the Pace area and they are looking for childcare for their 3 month old. Do you have any names of in-home care or daycare centers that you recommend? Second...what kind of DSLR did you have before? We are looking at getting one, but don't want to spend a TON of money since I don't even know if I"ll be able to learn ALL of what it can do!! Any suggestions??! YOu can email me at if that's easier!!! Hope you are well...loving all of EAston's pics!


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