Thursday, November 10, 2011

2 months

You are 2 months old today! I still have moments where I just stop and cannot believe you are really mine.You are such an awesome baby. This month you really started to make noises and smile.You had your first Halloween where you went as The World's Strongest Man :) You were passed out the whole time, but you sure were handsome.

This month I also went back to work. Hardest. Thing. Ever. Although I did better than I thought I would, I still miss you like crazy when I am at work all day. Your nanny is good about sending me updates on you and sending me lots of pictures to my phone. When I hear my phone go off at work I get so excited knowing it might be a picture of you to look at.

It is crazy how much you grew this month. You went from your newborn clothes hanging off of you last month to your 3 month clothes being tight. You are 23'' and weigh 12 pounds now. You also went from up twice a night to being up once a night now which I think is great! I am hoping by your 3 month update to write that you are through the night all the time :) Oh, and you are able to just hang in your bumbo now, holding your head up ♥

We usually start our day at 6am and I feed you until nanny comes over at 6:30. At that point she plays with you and I get ready for work. You eat around 9, 12, 3, 6, and 9. Then it is your bath time and you settle in for the night. You LOVE your baths now :) And I love giving them to you. I can just see how calming it is for you.

In the short 2 months of your life, you have also picked up a few nicknames from all of us. :) E Money is the most popular, E.B. Butter bean, TTB (this is the code for ticking time bomb haha If we are out and about and you are sleeping and then it is getting close to feeding time and you start squirming, we will say it's time to go, Easton is a TTB) farty to the party, and squirmy wormy. :)

One day your nanny asked if I had a baby book to record your milestones and write certain things down, and I mentioned having this blog as that. I just made all the blogs from 2009 (when we started trying for you and praying that we could be your mom and dad) into a book and plan on doing that for each year. Then I started thinking about you actually reading them one day...maybe if you are really bored and have a lot of time on your hands. :) If you are reading this right now, I wonder what you became? Are you and your wife reading this? Maybe you are looking through it with your kids, showing them what your life was. Maybe I am long gone? Whatever the circumstances that bring you to this page, I hope you know how much your dad and I love you and how much you have fulfilled our lives. I just get so excited to think about the life ahead we have with you. I now know what it means to have it all. ♥

Happy 2 months.

Love, your mom


  1. I love all the nicknames! I'm impressed he can sit in the bumbo by himself - I'll have to see if Chloe can yet!

  2. It goes by so fast doesn't it? I haven't been recording Mac's milestones but realized today that I HAVE to start. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I'm going to try out the bumbo today now too! Our nickname for Aiden is also squirmy wormy! Lol
    Today Aiden is 2 months! Yay! Amazing how fast time goes by! Happy 2 months Easton.


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