Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another first

Last night after a photo shoot I had scheduled, we took Easton to my parent's house for his first overnight. Ah! Since I go back to work Friday, my mom let us have one full night of sleep to try and catch up a little. It felt SO good to sleep all night! But as soon as we got up, we ate breakfast and could not get over there fast enough to pick up little E :)

Yes, I go back to work the day after tomorrow. :( 8 weeks already?! Back to work on a Friday you ask...that's silly! Oh no my friend, it is actually one of the smartest things ever. haha I figured Mondays are already terrible, so why leave Easton and get thrown back to the working world all on a Monday. I figured I would go back this is "pay day" for my interns, so we are taking them to the local Arts Festival for the day. It will be fun.

Today Drake had off so after sleeping in a little bit and picking Easton up, we headed to the dog park so Cosmo could run around and chase squirrels. You remember Cosmo, that dog that I used to talk about all the time on here and take a ton of pictures of...yes we still have her :) Poor baby doesn't get any attention anymore. Here you go Cosmo...
Annddd now back to Easton :) He was bundled up to walk around the park because it is next to the water and it was really pretty out, but really breezy too.

I am a lucky girl having these 2 handsome men in my life :)

Now we are off to Target to get some frames, we are re-doing our dining room right now and I want it to be done by Thanksgiving so we can actually use it. Some of Drake's family and my family will be over that day! I can't wait! Happy Hump Day.

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  1. I totally think a first short week back is the way to go. Glad you got some good sleep!


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