Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dang it

The weekend is gone :( Oh well I have this week of work and then I get a week off for Fall Break! :) I cannot wait! Drake's family and Kylie will be in town! Today we had a good day...Easton was smiling more than ever :) He makes us laugh all day long. ♥ We got some stuff done around the house, we got groceries and I edited some pictures. After that we made a trip to the mall and I got some boots from journeys that I spotted online and had to go get :) Then daddy got a new toy...

It was a good 3 day weekend :) I'm refreshed and ready to take on the week! xoxo


  1. Nice truck!! And YAY for a week off work already! That plus Christmas break made me realize this was a good time to start back to work - so many days off with our loves!

  2. awww how cool! yay drake! :)

  3. Well I am suddenly feeling less guilty for my weekend splurges :).


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