Sunday, November 6, 2011

E & E Sitting in a tree

Happy Sunday! Today was a good day, we spent most of our morning at home as a family just enjoying each other and playing with Easton. Once the afternoon hit, Chase, Summer, and Elle came by to hang out. Apparently Easton and Elle's first date went so well that they wanted to hang out again. :) Elle even bought Easton a new hat that looks like a baseball ♥

I love this picture haha Easton was tired of pictures and Elle is just looking at him all concerned :)

Hanging out in the backyard...

Well, I am headed to get a workout in and then get things ready to head back to work in the morning. 4 day work week this week. Sweet!

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  1. Love the family photo of your friends! Easton being mad is so cute. I kind of feel bad about liking it :)


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