Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy as a clam

This weekend has been great! It has been so nice to have Drake home the whole weekend so that we could enjoy some family time. Yesterday morning I did have a shoot, but I scheduled it super early so I could get home.

It felt pretty good... I had Easton ready for the day, did a photo shoot, oh and don't forget...grabbed some Chick-Fil-A chicken minis (yum!) and got back home all before 10:00. Once I got home and cleaned up, we headed to the mall again and did some damage. :) It was so crowded! Not that I expected anything different, but Saturday at the mall during Christmas time with your stroller can be a little crazy.

After that we came home and my parents, brother, and Rose came over for the evening. We ate dinner, watched the Heisman presentation, and played a board game. LOVE family time!

And finally today we are doing nothing! I could (and should) do laundry and I could get caught up on some editing, but I'm not. :) Just going to enjoy my time with Drake and little e. I took a couple pictures of Easton to celebrate his 3 months of being awesome :) Sorry, I am THAT mom....Enjoy!

There's that crazy tongue I was telling y'all about

such a sweet boy

How did I get this lucky?!


  1. We went to the mall for the first time too! At first we kept Chloe in the stroller, but about half way through JJ took her out and she really enjoyed looking around at everything. Your little guy looks so comfy in that hat!

  2. I love your family photoshoot cute!!

  3. Love the hat! I love baby hats.....Jack might have way too many and I still want to buy him more.


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