Friday, December 30, 2011

winding down

Hey guys! I am so bummed that I only have a couple more days on my break... I am so jealous of the people who get to stay home with their kids. Lucky ducks. I have no regrets from this Christmas Break. I have soaked in every minute I spend with little E during the day. We have played, read books, and he just continues to be awesome and hilarious. :) Here he is giggling the other day...

Last night Drake and I were able to go on a date :) Thanks for babysitting mom! We went to the mall and what do you know, we bought stuff for Easton ♥ and then went to dinner together. It was so nice to take my time and really taste my food. haha We had a great time hanging out with just the 2 of us for a little bit.

After that we picked up Easton and went home and crashed. It was way past our bedtime. I hope you all are having a great week...and now it's on to the weekend!! Here are some pictures I snagged on my cell phone over the break, Enjoy!

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  1. You look HOT! Glad you were able to get out just the two of you. His giggles are too cute!


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