Friday, December 9, 2011

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time :)

So, I have a full weekend with my boys and I am so excited! No work for Drake tomorrow (finally) and I only have 1 shoot which I scheduled for the morning so I can have the rest of the day to play!

After a good day at work today me, Drake, and Easton headed out to do some Christmas shopping. Only a couple things left to buy now. Yay! On the way home we grabbed a redbox movie and dinner, I can't tell you how many Friday nights end up with a comfy movie night in-I love it! But we will watch it soon when Easton is to bed for the night, because we have been too busy playing with him.

I grabbed some pictures of my boys playing by the Christmas tree :) Easton is so lucky... he has the best daddy in the whole world ♥

Love his little profile, reminds me of seeing his profile for the first time in his ultrasound picture ♥

yay! Christmas!!

silly daddy

love it!

I'm outta here! Have a great weekend xoxo


  1. Beautiful! I have been going overboard with the Christmas pictures too, but hey, we're allowed, right? :)


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