Thursday, December 8, 2011


Thought Vomit Thursday...let's go!

* I have officially been the worst blogger ever lately. It is crazy how busy I have been. This past weekend I had a couple shoots...lots of family shoots for Christmas cards...but I also did some senior pictures for one of my TV Production kids. :) It was nice to have a shoot where I did not have to stand behind the camera and make weird noises and act silly to get her attention like I have to do with the little ones. haha

*We met up and rode together downtown and got to hang out for a while. That is the part I love about my job, when I can form relationships with the students outside of the classroom and be someone that they can come to for anything.

*I have so many stinkin pictures on my cell phone and I am a little disappointed at my laziness. boo. I have a nice new camera and I am mainly using it for my shoots and just snapping quick pictures on my phone because it is quick and easy. But I am going to challenge myself to grab my big camera when heading out with all of the other 500 things for the diaper bag. :)
*I handled going back to work so well...until the other day. My first day with tears. Over a month after going back to work?! It was just one of those days. Easton was giving me so many smiles all morning and it was so hard to leave him. Jenn reminded me what I have to look forward to when he gets older and cries while saying, "no mommy don't go." Geez thanks a lot Jenn :)

*I work next week and then I have 2 weeks off for Christmas Break! woo hoo!!!

*I have so many things to do for Christmas stuff! My shopping has only begun and I have my Christmas cards sitting on the counter waiting to be addressed. Oh, Christmas cards ♥ I love getting them in my mailbox this time of year!

*Ok, I am off to hang out with my boys. Have a good night!


  1. Great pics! Love the one of the slipper feet! Too cute!

  2. I think I am the worst blogger ever...tanks. Can't wait to get a card! :) C ya! Tanks for talking to me the other day.


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