Tuesday, January 10, 2012

4 months

You are 4 months old today! The past month has been so great. You are such a happy baby. I definitely won the baby lottery! If you make eye contact with someone, you are going to give them a smile. You are giggling all the time now and it is music to my ears.

Over the last month you enjoyed your very first Christmas. You actually participated in opening your gifts so that was fun. I loved having 2 weeks with just me and you. I already have moments where I freak out about the fact that whenever you leave a stage of your life, it is gone forever. We can never get it back with you. I never understood why moms would cry while doing things like packing up clothes that their children have outgrown...now I do. I want to make sure I take full advantage of my time with you, and although I can remember things now because they are so fresh, I never want to forget what you are like at every stage in your life. I filmed you the other night while you were taking a nap. Zooming in on your little hands and your mouth while you were eating in your sleep :) I love watching them now, but I know one day I will cherish the pictures and videos more than ever...that is why I am a little extensive with it :)

You have been sleeping through the night here and there this month, but the last 3 nights in a row have been through the night so I hope we are finally there. You are 15 pounds and 26''. You are already wearing 6-9 month clothes. Crazy. We started feeding you cereal for your last feeding last night and it went just fine. Other than that you still eat on a 6,9,12,3,6,9 schedule. (give or take a little)

You notice things around you more and more every day. You play with your toys (well, eat them) and love looking at yourself in mirror. It is our nightly routine to get you undressed for your bath and stand you up on the bathroom counter and you will walk towards the mirror while I am holding you up and smile at yourself.

I hope I am not forgetting anything. Poor little guy, 4 months means shots tomorrow and your gums are hurting you today. I am interested to see if we have a tooth coming. I love you SO much buddy.

love, mom

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  1. He has the best clothes!! That's awesome that he has been sleeping through the night, I hope that means he's over the hurdle of the nighttime feeding. Love the new blog design by the way!


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