Monday, January 16, 2012

Long Weekend in progress!

I LOVE Mondays off! (Well who doesn't) But I love the feel of a 3-day weekend, and then when you go back to work for the week, it feels that much better knowing you only have to work hard for 4 days instead of 5.

Saturday we decided to make our day full of things that we needed to get done, and that way we could fully enjoy our other 2 days off together with the things we wanted to get done. It was started the perfect way...getting little e out of his crib once he was up for the day and bringing him to our bed to hang out with us and watch some Saturday morning cartoons to start the day. Dad, Mom, Easton, and Cosmo all hanging in bed :) Easton has definitely taken an interest in Cosmo these days. If she is around, he is staring her down. And if she is close to him, he is reaching out to touch her. ♥

Once we were all ready to get going, we didn't stop. I had a photo shoot at 8am and then came home and cleaned up and did some laundry, after that we made a grocery store run, payed the bills, yea you get it. All the fun stuff.

Yesterday we hung out around the house for a bit and then went to watch my brother's flag football game. We had fun :)

Easton was wearing his first pair of big boy shoes and would not stop staring at them. He was so curious...

with Rose, drooling up a storm and still staring at his feet haha

Uncle Kyle coming over to say hey

Finally! He was not giving up, and finally got a hold of them...and ate them.

Once we left the fields and got back home for Easton's nap, we made loaded mashed potatoes to take over to the Otts house for dinner. Here is our version of family time in the kitchen while peeling and chopping up potatoes together.

Me: People actually enjoy doing this kind of thing?!
Drake: Ugh I know, this is stupid.

Ahhh such sweet memories being made. haha Anyways, once they were ready, we headed over to Jenn and Ronnies. They made chili and sticky ribs, we brought the mashed potatoes, and Rachel and Joe brought broccoli. We ate and hung out for the evening and then watched Rise of The Planet of the Apes. Here's little e with his pal Dotts :)

It has been a great weekend so I'm off to enjoy my Monday. xoxo


  1. Lol, at least Dake was helping you!

    Adorable pictures as always!

  2. The cooking still cracks me up. I only like it if I'm making something that's been passed down or for holidays. Other than that, yeah, it's stupid. There's more important things in life than cooking.


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