Sunday, January 8, 2012

Love my family time!

This weekend has been another good one. Drake is off on Saturdays and Sundays until the end of next month so we are taking advantage of it. :) Yesterday we hung around the house most of the day...went on a family walk and then yesterday afternoon Allie and Jessica stopped by to meet Easton. He was such a flirt :) We hung out and talked for a while and then once they left and Easton was asleep Drake and I stayed up for a bit and watched The Hangover 2.

Today was a beautiful day so we got up and headed to the beach. Easton was so good. We walked around the boardwalk, went down and played in the sand, watched the birds, and enjoyed a family day together. I can't tell you how excited I am about the fact that Easton wears sunglasses without trying to pull them off :) He is such a stud.

After leaving the beach we stopped by Sams for a couple things and grabbed lunch at Bagel heads. Now we are at the house and relaxing and preparing for another busy work week. Life is good!

Have a good week! xoxo


  1. We totally tried sunglasses on Chloe last night at the store! All we saw were for 3+, is that what you have or are they for babies? I really want to get some pictures of Chloe on the beach - we just might have to make a trip to FL and make that happen! :)

  2. His smile is so adorable! And that is awesome he will wear sunglasses. Jack - not so much a fan of them.


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