Thursday, January 5, 2012


*Happy Thursday people! So this week has been a good first week back to work. I did cry leaving Easton at my mom's house on Monday morning. After having 2 weeks of being with him all day everyday it definitely stung leaving him. But lucky me with my work schedule, the week after next we only work 3 days with the kids and those are all 1/2 days. :) Then a handful of weeks and Spring Break will be here before I know it. (I hope)

*So thanks to my Pandora, I discovered the best thing ever by mistake. Lullaby renditions of rock songs. Check out all of the artists here. I crank that stuff up when me and Easton are riding dirty and he is as quiet as can be in his car seat just maxing and relaxing while I am rocking out inside my head. :) Love it!

*I just had one of my ESE students age out of our program which is always sad, but I am already getting another student. A parent of one of my old students found out I was the teacher for the program I work with and is having her son transferred over to my school so he can be in my class again! :) That made my day to hear that.

*In addition to my ESE students I have all day, I have one period a day with my TV Production kids. I always have fun with them!

*So other than work this week I have been enjoying my evenings. Family time, gym time, and I got a 1 hour hot stone massage. Thanks Drake ♥

* This year is off to a great start! Happy Friday Eve xoxo


  1. I HAVE to know....who is transferring to your class???? I bet you are excited!!

  2. A TV production class?! That sounds like so much fun, I wish our high school offered that here. The students would really enjoy it. Congrats on having a student exit and a new one come in, you must be an amazing teacher! :-)
    My hubby looks forward to the breaks during school too because he can be home with me and Aiden! Hang in there, it will be here before you know it!

  3. 1) Wade is simply adorable!! sososo cute.
    2) Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. You pretty much made my day. :-)
    3) Yay for teachers and soccer coaches!! I work in schools (school psychologist) and coached high school soccer for 4 years in Oregon.

    I'm having fun exploring your blog!

    XO - Marion

  4. Awesome tip about pandora lullabies!


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