Friday, February 10, 2012

5 months!

Happy 5 months my baby boy ♥ As you get older, it is definitely bittersweet. I want you to be a baby forever, but as you get older and do more and more it is so exciting to watch. You sleep through the night all the time now :) Sometimes you like to wake up to start your day about 5:30 but you are usually around 6:00. You are still on your same schedule as far as 6,9,12,3,6,9. Your last bottle of the night has your cereal in it. We just fed you carrots tonight at your 6:00 feeding to start heading towards that direction and you did pretty good. We tried a few weeks ago and you hated everything about it, so I figured we would hold off a little longer.
You are 16.5 pounds, 27'', and in size 2 diapers wearing mainly 9 month clothes. You finally reach the floor in your jumparoo and you LOVE it! I just sit and watch you jump like crazy with a big smile on your face. :) You are starting to gargle your slobber lately, not sure why but it is super cute just like everything you do! You always get compliments on your smile and your lashes.

You are rolling over from your back to your front when you go for toys and you sat in the buggy at the grocery store sitting up like a big boy for the first time. You loved looking around at everything. You are an awesome baby! The only cranky time we have is when you fight your naps. Your eyes will be rolling you are so tired but you straighten your body out and try so hard to stay awake. You have times where you do that and then your next nap you will just pass out on your own without us realizing it. hmmm

I love you so much sweet boy and I thank God everyday for allowing me to be your mother.


  1. Look at his spiked hair! Oh he is just the cutest. Great news about him sleeping through the night now. Have fun in the new world of solid foods...just wait till he coughs or sneezes with a mouthful. :)

  2. I can't believe our boys are 5 months old! Time has just flown by!

  3. Omg the belt is cracking me up!!!!! How CUTE is he??? Happy 5 months, Easton!


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