Sunday, February 26, 2012

jam packed

I think lately instead of getting daily updates, I have been throwing several days and different events in one post since I don't have time to sit and type much these days, but that's ok :) Let's see...last week was a good (short) work week. I had to work 4 days, and 2 of those days I was on field trips! On Thursday I took my TV Production seniors to a Career Academy downtown for the day. It was fun getting to spend some extended time with those kids, since I am usually teaching them just one period a day and most of that time is spent running around crazy trying to help them get ready for a live show.

That evening I went to a local event they have like 4 times a year-lullabies and mudpies. A consignment warehouse packed with baby stuff. Easton got a new ride out of it! I saw the car and thought it would be nice for Easton's walks since he loves going around the neighborhood, it had a handle for me to push while he rides. THEN I realize it has a button to push and it goes :) It is battery powered and came with the charger-10 bucks! Drake laughs when we plug it in, saying Easton drives a hybrid. haha

Friday I took my special needs students out to Fort Pickens for the day and then we went to lunch. Luckily the bad weather held off since we were outside. We always have fun! :) Friday night we headed over to Chase and Summer's house. Easton and Elle played with each other in the kitchen. They were both playing with the magnets and kept taking them and handing them back to each other. We wore pjs and ate Chinese take-out. Awesome night!

And Finally last night we went out for Joe's 31st birthday. He wanted to have an 80's themed party. So we headed out to dinner with 80's pop blaring through our speakers...

Here are all of the couples at dinner...

Oh my gosh. I'm not even sure what to say about this. haha
We had an awesome night-constant cracking up, a lot of awkward stares at our wardrobe, heading to the west side of town to go roller skating (very interesting) And my sweet baby was awesome for the baby sitter. One of my old soccer players watched him and was good about sending me pictures and keeping me posted on him. ♥ Now on to enjoy Sunday with the boys. Have a great day!!

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  1. I love those consignment sales! Ours is coming up in a few weeks and I can't wait! Those are some pretty incredible outfits by the way! :)


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