Sunday, February 19, 2012

lots of stuff

I have a feeling this post will be all over the place, but that is how we have been this weekend and I am loving it. :) Friday while I was at work my parents went to Panama City for the night since my dad had off so Mrs. Traci kept Easton. He was good for her and I of course got my updates throughout the day. Here he is on a walk :) Man, we made one cute kid!
Once we were both home from work we went ahead and took care of the cleaning and grocery shopping so we could knock them out and enjoy our 3-day weekend! Easton had fun helping us do the shopping.
Saturday was a rainy day, we were supposed to be in one of the floats for the mardi gras parade at the beach but decided to stay home since the weather was bad. So we enjoyed some time with each other and then I made these bad boys...
we were invited to Jenn and Ronnie's house for dinner with the gang and we were in charge of dessert so I decided to go all out. These are peanut butter double fudge oreo cupcakes. I even made the frosting. Go me! :) Here are the 2 coolest guys in the world ready to go have fun!

Easton loved Vivian.
This is what happens when you leave Easton with all the guys in the garage for 5 minutes while you get a bottle ready...

We ate tacos and hung out and just enjoyed each other. Before we, Jenn, and Danielle booked our Vegas flight. So the hotel and flight are done. :) One step closer to Vegas!

Today we were up and ready to go zip lining! We picked up my dad and headed out and my mom watched Easton while we all went. It was cold especially up high where it was windy and the trees were swaying back and forth. We had a ton of fun! Drake was enjoying the gift shop :)

Drake got a video of me...

After spending our day there we had dinner at my parents and watched the Amazing Race. Now off to shower and bed to enjoy one more day off! So exciting ♥

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  1. Aww, you are making me "home sick" for Panama City, where we got married. :( What kind of glasses are those that Easton is wearing?? That's hilarious! Sounds like you had a great weekend as always!


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