Saturday, March 10, 2012

6 months old!

Happy 1/2 birthday :) Let's see...where to start?! You are still sleeping through the night which is wonderful. You did have your 6 month growth spurt that caused you to be up during the night for 5 nights in a row, but then that was done. As far as your daily schedule, that has remained the same as far as times go. At your 9:00 feeding you have oatmeal and a bottle and at your 6:00 feeding you have a solid and a bottle. You have had sweet potatoes, carrots, and peaches so far. You liked your peaches :)

You have been cutting your bottom two teeth which means you have been chomping at anything you can get your hands on. :) You are rolling over like crazy, and when you get on your stomach you will push up and move your legs back and forth together but no crawling yet.

You are in a size 2 diaper, about 27'', weigh 17.5 pounds and wearing 12 month clothes! It hit me today how big you are getting...we went to Target together and I had to get you some 12 month sleepers because all of your 9 month ones are too tight. Well I couldn't find any...that's because for 12 month pjs I had to go to the section that had 2 piece pjs! :( No more baby sleepers?! wahhh

I am also bummed I have to take you Tuesday for your 6 month shots. boo :( The last couple times I just had a bottle ready and right after they stick you I pick you up and feed you and it calms you down.

You are so much better about fighting your naps since last month. The trick-your lovey blanket. You rub that thing all over your face and put yourself to sleep, which usually means I go check on you and your face is covered completely so I have to move it off. If I am holding you and you are going to sleep, you always scratch the couch behind me. Or I will hear you scratching the bumpers in your crib in the morning. Just one of those little things that makes me smile and I might forget if I don't write it down. You are such a happy baby and your personality is really coming through these days. When we go and get you out of your crib in the mornings, you don't just smile, you crack up-maybe at the way I look that early :) Understandable if you put it that way. haha

Time has sped up that much more since you were born, but I do my best to hang on tight to the wonderful moments I get to spend with you throughout the chaos of everyday life. I cannot fathom how I went on so long without you. You have taught me more about life and love than I can explain to you. I can't explain it, because I don't think I completely comprehend it. Being your mother is the biggest blessing and I am so thankful for you and your daddy. Our family. I love you so much!

Love, your mom


  1. He is such a cutie!! Looks a lot like your husband in this pic I think. :)

    Maggie is a lovey girl too.

  2. He is too cute!!!
    avery does the scratching thing too, so funny!!
    happy 6 months!!

  3. 2 piece jammies already?? I'm not ready for that either! :( Just shows he's a growin, healthy boy! I can't wait to see him with some little toofs poppin through, he'll be adorable. Chloe does the same thing with scratching at the couch and she also pulls the blanket over her head. We just started putting her down with it in the crib since we aren't swaddling anymore, and we watch her on the monitor until she falls asleep and then we go move it. Babies sleeping under a blanket are so cute!

  4. can't wait to meet him in a few days. Oh and see you too. Tanks ;)


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