Thursday, March 29, 2012

All about e

Just some pictures of my little man from our evening time we got to spend together this week. I love the time change and that we still have some light when Drake gets home. Yesterday Easton ate his dinner on the porch and hung out in his chair.

He is trying so hard to talk :)

I love that he still puts his little feet together like he probably did in my belly.

After dinner, he went driving. :) He made sure to park next to daddy in the driveway. They both had a long hard day working. ha

Last night after Easton was sound asleep I got him and held him in the glider and he slept on my chest. I could have sat there all night. I shed a few tears, the overwhelming feeling of love just took over my emotions. I mean, how can you not fall in love with this kid?!

I took a couple pictures tonight while we were waiting for Drake to get home to use as his 6 month pictures.

Love him!

I tried to take the blanket out for a few...yea right. He was loving the grass.

Well, I am outta here. Tomorrow is Friday!!!


  1. He is so stinking cute! I love those two bottom teeth! Please, please time slow down! Our little boys are growing up way too quickly!

  2. Definitely a handsome stud! Looks like he does pretty well sitting up on his own in that car. How fun!

  3. You have a beautiful little boy. :)
    LOVE the pic of him parked next to Drake's truck!


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