Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pure Bliss

At the start of Spring Break we had some cloudy and even rainy days. But those are long gone and the past couple days have been absolutely gorgeous. Yesterday I ran a few errands in the morning and then cleaned up the house a little before Kathryn got here. It was her first time meeting Easton :) We hung out for a while until Drake got home from work and then all went to dinner together. After that it was off to the gym and then home to get ready. We went downtown for a little while, just a low key night. We had fun...played skee ball, took pictures in the photo booth, and just enjoyed hanging out together.

Today we got up and headed to the beach...well after buying a bunch of beach gear from Target. I think Easton is set for this season-huge towel/blanket to roll around on, umbrella, and float. :) We met up with Jenn, Danielle, Rachel and their kids. Easton had fun but was not a huge fan of the water yet, still too cold.
The Lynch girls :)

Easton and aunt Kat


headed to the water...

Once we were done playing another friend Dawn met up with us and we ate lunch at Surf Burger. We stopped by and saw daddy at work on the way home and now it's nap time! So thankful that my job allows me so much time off with my sweet boy ♥ Have a great day!!!

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