Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rain and Reps

Well, it is March which means Drake is now working every Saturday until June. :( But he did get off for our Anniversary, so I am excited about that! It was raining all day, which was a perfect excuse to just spend a lazy day inside with my other man. ♥ We played all day! At one point we were laying in my bed playing and then he started getting tired so I just cuddled with him and had his lullabies playing and just enjoyed him asleep right next to me for his nap. When he woke up he just laid there staring at me and was rubbing my cheeks, grabbing my nose and mouth, and just trying to figure it all out with those sweet little hands. It was a sweet moment, just enjoying time with my baby on a quiet rainy day and soaking in every second. :)

Once Drake got home we headed up to the gym. One of the perks of being friends with the can meet up after hours and have the whole gym to yourself and take the kids to hang out.

Easton loved bouncing on everything with Carissa. Love my workout partner!

Justin and Carissa's son Tristan flexing in the mirror :)

oh yea, be jealous :)

Just another crazy Saturday night for us! haha We are back now and Easton is in time for a late dinner and a movie with my guy. Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Sweet moments like that are the best, and having a blog to document them all is even better so we never forget! That's a sweet deal that you can take E to the gym after hours with you!


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