Friday, March 16, 2012


Today I took Easton to visit his great-grandfather. I started tearing up just walking up to his grave sight. I miss my grandpa and it made me sad having Easton with me, wishing that my grandpa could have met him. I told Easton about his Pa-Pa and just sat at his beautiful grave sight at the top of the hill on a gorgeous day. We watched the planes fly over and I told Pa-Pa all about Easton. :)

Easton even wore his blue and grey since Pa-Pa was in the air force


  1. What a wonderful way to introduce two important guys in your life. I'm sure your grandpa would have been so proud of you and just loved Easton to pieces!

  2. Those pictures are so sweet and I'm sad to say it hadn't even crossed my mind to take Chloe to my mom's grave. :( Such a special memory you two shared today.

  3. Easton is such a cutie! What a nice way to spend the day, remembering and honoring your grandpa by sharing Easton with him!


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