Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bikinis and Birthdays

I am so excited because we are officially half way through the Spring season as far as Drake's work schedule. I can't wait to get our full weekends back together. But until then, we are packing as much fun into our day and a half we get together each week. Last night we got tickets to the panhandle showdown. It is a bodybuilding/bikini competition. I went to watch my friend Carissa compete and Drake was loving watching the dudes flex. :)

This was the IFBB professional guest poser that Drake was so excited to watch. wow.

This morning we were up and out the door for a family walk...

Then we headed out to Vivian's 3rd birthday party for the afternoon.

She had a Willy Wonka themed party :)

She had tons of candy at "Vivian's Chocolate Factory", a water slide and a pinata...


Easton tried to get all of the candy out for the girls but didn't have any luck,

but don't worry, dad came to the rescue :) Drake cracks me up.

So sweet!

The big kids had fun too!

Easton had his first kiss! haha

I'm so bummed another weekend is over :( I hope you all had a great one!


  1. Dang, that guy is HUUUUGE! The party theme sounds fun too!

  2. I just LOVE Easton's two bottom teeth when he smiles! What a great weekend, summer break will be here before we know it!


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