Monday, April 23, 2012

Sleepy Monday

Mommy and daddy are sleepy today! :) Poor Easton has his first ear infection. He woke up during the night last night and we thought it was because he wet through his pjs. So we changed good. Ok let's give him some milk to settle him back good. Nothing was helping and it wasn't just his regular cry, it was a scream. We finally got him back to sleep, I think he was just so tired from crying so long. We were up from 1:00-3:30. Then my crazy dedicated husband proceeds to go to the gym at 4:30 for his morning workout. He's awesome! He has decided to do a physique body building contest in August and has hit the ground running. I am so excited for him. ♥ Yea, my husband is hot. :)

It was a good day at work overall and then I went and got my nails done. Ahhh manicures. Then I picked up little e and we went to the doctor to see exactly what was wrong and she confirmed an ear infection. LOVE Easton's pediatrician and it doesn't hurt that I teach her son so I texted her asking if I could stop by after work with Easton and she just lets me in the side door to check him out, calls in a prescription, and we are on our way! Sweet! Here we are picking up his meds at Walgreens. Not even an ear infection can stop this guy's coolness factor. :)

Well, I'm outta here. The Monday workday is over! xoxo


  1. Poor Easton! Hopefully he is all set now that he is on meds. And he is super cool!

  2. Awh, poor E. It has to be so frustrating to not be able to say what's wrong. What are the symptoms of ear infections??

  3. Aww, I hope he feels better soon!

  4. I'd be bragging about my husband in a body building contest too, that's awesome!! Poor little buddy, I hope the medicine works fast. JJ has a doctor friend too and it's so nice to just go in the side door, get a script, and be on our way. :)


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