Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Sunday. Ah, my favorite day of the week. The one day all year that I am guaranteed to spend the whole day with the two coolest guys in the world. Today was a pretty day after all of the rain rolled through yesterday. We packed the diaper bag full for the afternoon and headed out. We stopped by my grandma's house for a couple minutes, she always enjoys us stopping by...but then again who wouldn't?! :)

Walking around with mom-moms

Once we left her house, we headed to Chase and Summer's house for the afternoon. We picked up Subway and ate lunch, the kids played, and we just hung out for the afternoon.

They live on the water, so we fed the turtles and fish some bread. :)

Little Elle. 11 months old...

We put our feet in the pool but it was a little too cold (mixed with the cool breeze outside) to go swimming today. Bummer. But I am excited about hanging out at their house a lot this summer with the kids!

Sneaking a kiss :)

It has been a good day. I am SO ready for summer to be here! Counting the EVERYDAY with Easton and having a lot more time with Drake. So close I can taste it! Have a good week! xoxo

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  1. Two cute babes. I'm excited to go swimming with Chloe this summer too, I just wish I was off work like you are. :(


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