Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Thoughts...

*I think sometimes I forget that Drake's family doesn't really get to hear Easton or see his personality. They see plenty of pictures but I need to start posting more quick clips of him. :) Here he is on the ride to Dean's party the other day. Love this boy!

*I forgot to mention when me and Easton were shopping the other day he was just grinning ear to ear while riding around in the shopping cart, and this little old lady came over to talk to him for a bit before going back to shopping. Well we go up to check out a while later and she was in front of us. "Well look at this, fate just brought us back together." She said to us and went back to talking to Easton. Once she was done paying and it was time to leave it was so cute, she turned to Easton and said in her little sweet voice, " Well I hope to see you again soon, but if I don't I will see you in heaven." ♥ How sweet.

*Oh yea, Easton finally slept through the night again last night after about 3 weeks of waking up. Yay! I think his gums are feeling a little better and we are hopefully back to our sleeping nights! (Fingers crossed)

*Well, I am off...Easton will be waking up for dinner any minute and daddy will be getting home. Life is good!


  1. Baby giggles are the sweetest sounds ever! The sleeping sounds rough, I'm afraid we might have sleepless nights too once Chloe decides to pop some teeth out.

  2. I was watching this while nursing Stella and she kept pulling off to try to watch the video. LOL


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