Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Saturday of firsts...

Yesterday was a long, exhausting, awesome day! :) Carissa came to my house bright and early to pick me up to go to the emerald coast mud run. Neither of us had done a mud run before so we didn't know what to expect but we signed up last month and knew we would have fun. It was a 5k and throughout there were obstacles you had to cross. If you or your partner could not complete an obstacle then you had to add a minute to your time for each one. (ps we did them all with flying colors :)) The obstacles were: The mud crawl, the water haul, hurdles, haystack hill, water slide, uphill mud tunnels, rice tote, tire jump, monkey swing, mud mountains, and the mud pit to finish. Here we are before we left, Easton wore our team socks to show his support. ♥

And here we are after the race :) We had so much fun! We got washed off and grabbed a smoothie for the road and headed back home. We are still waiting to see the results and other pictures from the run online so I hope they are posted soon.

Once I got home I hung out with Easton until Drake got home from work and then I had a birthday surprise for him. (His birthday is Tuesday) We headed out and he had no idea what we were doing...this in itself is a success for me, I am TERRIBLE at keeping things a surprise. :) I set up for our friend Ben to take us up in his hot air balloon! We met up and got everything set up first...

It was perfect weather to go up!

Starting to fill the balloon up...

getting closer...

so cool! My husband is so hot by the way! ;)

All ready to go!

This was our view. Just a peaceful evening riding around during the sunset. It was beautiful! It was so funny when we starting coming low to the ground to land we were passing over neighborhoods and kids were running outside to see us fly over and waving at us.

Once we were done flying, we went downtown and ate at The Tin Cow and walked around for a little bit before we came home and crashed.

So, I watched the sun come up and go down yesterday...but I got to experience two "firsts" in my life and enjoy a great evening celebrating Drake's birthday. I hope he had an awesome time because he deserves it! Happy 29th birthday Drake!! ♥


  1. I really love how you talk about doing things for Drake and actually think of him. Not just yourself or what you're going through. That's why you are my bestie. It's never I, I, I with you. (Well, it is when it's me and you, that's why we butt heads, b/c we are the same. HA! Tanks)

    Happy Birthday D-Man!

  2. Wow - what an awesome weekend!!

  3. Dang, look at that guy's abs behind you in that second picture! Ahem, anyway - what an amazing birthday gift you surprised Drake with! I've always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. Looks like a blast!


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