Monday, May 21, 2012

Some awesome stuff...

Awesome thing #1-Days at the pool with the fam bam. :)This summer is going to be amazing...I only have 12 more days with students and then I am on summer break!!

Awesome thing #2- My boys playing in the water♥
Awesome thing #3- Easton gives kisses now! Best thing ever. You make the kiss sound with your mouth and he will come at you with his mouth wide open. :)

Awesome thing #4- They posted some pictures and the rankings today from our mud run and we placed 11th and 12th out of the 684 females!

Awesome thing #5- Cosmo Wade is 7 today. Awww sweet girl.

Awesome thing #6- The Monday workday is over my friends!! Time to enjoy the evening.


  1. You're awesome! 11th and 12th place?! Wow! Happy birthday to your first born. :)

  2. Aiden does the same thing with kissing, an open-mouth slobbery kiss!


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