Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dinner and duck feeding

What a great weekend! I think I just got used to not seeing Drake as often as I would like, so now that we have him back it's awesome! Last night we went to the mall to get a couple things. I got a pair of shoes for Drake's brother's wedding in a couple weeks after having my dress hanging in the closet forever. I saw them and when I asked my dad if he liked them it went something like this...

me: Do you like these?
dad: They're Betsey Johnson?!
me: yea
dad: You can't go wrong with Betsey Johnson. She makes quality stuff.
haha! Not your typical dad answer but I'll take it! :)

Today it was surprisingly nice as far as temperature after having very hot and humid days lately. We were productive most of the morning...paid all the bills, ran 4 miles, washed the car, cleaned around the house, laundry, ...and did it all with the windows open. ahhhh

After that we got ready and headed downtown for the evening as a family. We ate at Atlas again. :) We love their food! Easton did such an awesome job. The people around us complimented how well behaved he was and that they would have never known there was a baby with us. :) Yay Easton!

He was entertained by his puffs and then LOVED eating shredded cheese. I highly recommend the place mats that we got! I picked them up at Publix and they stick to the table and come off easy. I did the bottom sticky part around the lip of the table and stuck it underneath so that when he went to eat the table he was eating the clean mat. :)

This was our view ♥ I love where we live!


After we finished we stopped by a pond/park area and walked around and fed the ducks. Easton had a good time. :)

So thankful for my sweet boy.


I hope you all are having a great weekend! xoxo

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  1. I think those place mats are in our future too! Chloe loves to eat what we are eating, but I'd rather her learn to feed herself, and those tables are just nasty. You have such a beautiful family and I love all of Easton's clothes!


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