Monday, June 18, 2012

Great start to summer vacation!

It has been a long, awesome week! We headed out last Tuesday to Virginia to spend the week with Drake's family and go to his brother's wedding. I was really nervous about Easton flying because I didn't want to be "those people" with a screaming baby on a plane, but he did awesome! Luckily there were open seats so we were able to bring his car seat on the flight and he just sat in the middle of us loving all of the attention he was getting the whole time. :)

We stayed at Drake's mom and step dad's house for the week. They were so excited to see Easton again, the last time they saw him he was 2 months old. It was fun for them to see all of the fun stuff he is doing now a days. They always make me feel so comfortable at their house and it is so nice.
Drake's brother and his wife also came to stay and brought their 2 kids. The kids were so sweet together, whenever we were somewhere during the week Jack would point to Easton and say to whoever he was talking to, "That is Easton, he is MY cousin"

One night that we were there we went with mom and Jeff to eat dinner at Baker's crust and then went to get dessert at sweet frog. Yum!

More pictures of hanging out at the house...

On Thursday we headed to Virginia Beach to visit with Drake's dad and step-mom. We were supposed to go paddle boarding and spend the day on the beach but of course that was the one day that it was a little chilly because the wind was so strong, especially coming off the water. :( So we walked down to the beach but not for long, and just enjoyed hanging out at their house and eating lunch together.
On Friday the wedding festivities began with the rehearsal dinner. Here we are ready to go :)

The Wade girls

The Wade boys

My sweet baby ♥

And finally Saturday Kyle and Melissa got married!

They had a photo booth at the reception that was so fun!

Best picture ever! haha!

Oh and Easton is cutting more teeth. He has his 2 on the bottom and recently cut two on the top...and now we are seeing another one on bottom and another two on top coming in! Poor guy just wants relief anywhere he can find it! :)

It was a beautiful wedding and the weather was perfect! It was nice to see all of Drake's family and for all of them to see Easton.

Yesterday was a long day of traveling home. Thank goodness Easton did good on both the plane rides again. Poor guy spent a lot of time in his car seat over the week. He had his moments of whining and fighting naps this week with being in a new place but overall he did good. We are exhausted and spending today catching up around the house. Summer 2012 is off to an awesome start! :)


  1. We had so much fun! So lucky to get to see you guys! Little E has permanently made his way into my heart. He is seriously the happiest little boy ever! Love him!

  2. I love all the pictures!!! How tall is your husband? And that sparkly dress you are!

  3. I love Melissa's, Caxie's, and your outfits! Ya'll have such good style and really know how to throw stuff together! :) Can I borrow that dress sometime?? Tanks


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